Trey Ganem Designs specializes in helping you celebrate life by creating a personalized casket design that is just as unique as your loved one. We are dedicated to helping protect your loved ones life and memory by providing the best quality, customized caskets on the market today. 

If you find yourself planning a funeral, call us first at (361) 489-1582 or (361) 648-4740! Our caskets are accepted by all funeral homes in the United States and we can also provide you with valuable information during your planning process!

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Customizing a casket is just the beginning of your experience here at Trey Ganem Designs. We create beautiful pieces for The Musically Inclined, The Hunter, The Fisherman, The Sports Fan, The Diva and the Conservative. During the Consultation Process,  we will gather information about what kind of person they were, what kinds of things they liked and what made them who they were.  We combine that with our passion and purpose to create a personalized custom design that capture's your loved one to the fullest!

"Letting Souls Shine"

Children hold a special place in our hearts. Each design is as unique and as special as the child it is created for.  Every child deserves something personalized, perfect, and amazing.  Imaginations run wild when customizing for kids.  No dream is too big!

Trey Ganem Designs