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All of our custom casket designs start with high quality, gasketed caskets and are then customized with PPG paint. All of our designs, from start to finish, are created right here in our shop, nothing is resourced out. With Trey Ganem and his team, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished! 

Trey Ganem Designs provides families with the opportunity to celebrate their loved ones life. Our work truly comes from the soul, which allows us to create something unique and personal for each individual and forever "Letting Souls Shine".

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Trey has been featured on national television and is recognized as one of the top designers in his field, earning him the title “The Art of Originality” by PPG Paint Vibrance Collection, for his customization of this 1931 Ford Sedan. 

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Trey Ganem Designs

Trey Ganem, owner of Trey Ganem Designs, is adding life to the funeral world with his dream that started 24 years ago. While working as a hunting guide and providing taxidermy services out of the garage of his home in Victoria, Texas, Trey thought about his funeral. Not about who would be there or what they would say, but about what his casket would look like. He thought about that plain metal box and knew he wanted more. He imagined a casket customized to represent his life and thought about something 'outside the box'. He asked himself, "What could I do to really make my casket represent my life?" 

Today, his dream is coming alive. We take that plain metal box and let that person's "Soul Shine" through our custom casket designs.